Jamaica it’s music, people and culture. Docu-series episode 1 (johnny spliff)

This is the first episode of a docu-series that i’m trying to put together about Jamaica it’s music, people and culture and the way it impacts the world in a positive way. On my journey doing research on this topic i came across a video on Instagram of an older man singing and vibing to Popcaan’s song “family” while smoking a giant spliff and immediately i wanted to know who this person was and what his story was.

Johnny Spliff
Tribute tattoo of Bob Marley

I reached out to him via a direct message on Instagram and i explained to him that i wanted to interview him and share his story, he was hesitant at first being that we were total strangers but with a little persuasion he talked it over with his wife and decided to go ahead with it. I drove for almost 3 hours from Upstate New York to New Jersey to meet John and his wife, after the initial introductions we talked a little off camera to get acquainted. Then came the interview, which is where i realized how much of an impact Jamaica it’s music, people and culture had on John and his family. Click the link below for full video

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John’s Instagram:






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